Understanding Photo Printing Paper Sizes or What is 4XD?

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´╗┐Understanding Photo Printing Paper Sizes for What is 4XD?

What is an aspect ratio?

Every photo or movie has an attribute called an Aspect Ratio. The aspect ratio is the relation between the horizontal and vertical sizes of the photo. To calculate the aspect ratio simple divide the width or a photo by its height. For example TV in normal mode has an aspect ratio of 4:3 or in other words if we were to divide the width of the screen by its height the result would be 4/3. TV in widescreen format on the other hand has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

When we take a photo with a camera light that travels through the lenses hits a sensor (a film in traditional cameras or a CCD in digital ones). The sensor in turn translates the light into a two dimensional photo. The sensor itself has physical attributes such as width, height, granularity (in films) and number of pixels (in digital CCD sensors).

The connection between an aspect ratio and photo printing

When photos are printed on paper, the aspect ratio of the paper must be the same as the aspect ratio of the sensor that was used to take the photo. If the aspect ratios are different the result will be a blank area left on the paper or a stretched photo that fits the paper but distorts the objects in it.

Why does it happen? The answer is pretty simple. For the sake of explanation lets assume … Read More

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Mobile Advertising And Marketing And Business: Just How To Make It Benefit You

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Welcome to the globe of mobile advertising! As you can see it is a large globe complete with all type of methods, applications, as well as much more. The truth that mobile advertising can be an essential business step can make it appear a bit difficult to locate what will benefit you. The ideas below can help. Right here is my site :: local service app.

Integrate your mobile advertising efforts with your various other advertising strategies. By having mobile advertising combined with online or print advertising, you present a regular message to your customer or client base. At the same time, enabling your consumers to carry out the same activities through multiple channels such as mobile applications or website further raises the worth of your consumer communications.

Evaluate your program prior to you start it. Consumers do not such as damaged web links, or dead pictures. Have your business, family members, or perhaps a couple of consumers check your messages prior to your start sending them en masse to your market. Obtain their comments to best whatever might fail, as well as your consumers will thanks for it.

Connect your advertising to huge events or vacations. Unique occasions can make your advertising truly job. Provide special vouchers to girls only on Mom’s Day. Hold contests on huge sporting occasion ways to offer your brand presence. Provide your customers a brief code number where anyone who sends out in a text has a chance of winning.

Your printed promotions … Read More


Marketers Use Giveaways To Drive Web Traffic

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´╗┐Marketers Use Giveaways To Drive Web Traffic

In 1999, as many of the dot-coms crashed, a new form of consumer marketing was taking hold on the Internet. Web marketers, hungry to drive sales on e-commerce sites, launched affiliate networks that represented leading advertisers such as BMG, Blockbuster, NetFlix, Discover Card and hundreds of others in what is known as “affiliate marketing.”

As affiliate networks grew, they provided savvy marketers with the opportunity to earn big commissions by generating sales for advertisers through the marketing of gift sites online.

Part of the appeal of this type of marketing lies in its simplicity: It lets anyone with a presence on the Web promote and sell goods online and get paid a commission by the advertiser for sales generated. This opportunity affords nearly limitless venues for promotion and marketing, access to an instant sales force of thousands and no out-of-pocket media costs for advertisers.

One example is NetFree Direct LLC, which owns and operates the rewards site Through the site, consumers obtain gifts such as $300 gas cards redeemable at gas stations nationwide, PlayStation and other game consoles, flat-screen TVs, computers, digital cameras and other popular electronics by opting into the company’s Web site and completing advertisers’ surveys, subscriptions and free trial offers.

Since NetFree Direct’s inception, has delivered thousands of customers to hundreds of well-known brands. connects consumers with marketers through advertising campaigns including Web, search engine and e-mail programs, plus traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, direct … Read More