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´╗┐Business Card Printing

Trading of business cards in the business industry is a common and normal practice usually among business owners and corporate executives. This process is one of the marketing tools that show the front line image of every business entities. The cards are being used to create the first contact with the existing customers and the target market at the same time.
It is very important for a business card to achieve printing results that will produce cards that are creative and practical in terms of getting you the inexpensive full color effect. But usually we find it hard to choose what type of services does our business card needs.
Taking consideration of the services offered by different print shops in town, try to prefer the one that has a digital art studio which has extensive graphic design process and printing equipment that are technologically savvy. With this service, it ensures to provide you outputs at the soonest time possible. Thus, from traditional offset printing services to custom printing services, you can rely on the benefits that digital printing technology can provide.
Premium materials are also needed to achieve the desired quality output for your cards. Don’t just settle for a cheaper printing cost if the quality of your business card is compromised. Be wise to pick for the right commercial printing company to do the job for you. Of course professional service of a well-trained team is a vital component for the realization of good and effective … Read More



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In the world of marketing digital cameras, megapixels seem to be the beginning and end of a camera’s power. Like a computer’s RAM and hard drive, “the more, the better,” and all of the other features of a camera fall by the roadside. But there’s more to a photo than the megapixels.

The quality of the lens, for a prime example, is a much more important feature than the pixels. A poorly built lens will take all the power out of the camera, because a fuzzy picture is still fuzzy, even at ten megapixels.

Once they’re out of the camera, megapixels are a reasonably good guide to how large a print you can get out of them. Since pixels are actually “dots,” if you enlarge the picture enough, the illusion will be broken–and the individual dots will become obvious. The more pixels, the larger you can expand the picture before the dots become visible.

As a general rule of thumb, four megapixels is perfect for 5×7 prints but generally not much larger. There are exceptions, but they depend mostly on the subject of the picture, and not the megapixels on the camera. While a three megapixel image will look great on the computer screen, printed at 3×5, or maybe even printed at 5×7, the dots will be really obvious if the picture is blown up onto a highway billboard. Five megapixels will make for a great 8×10 print.

When it comes to enlarging pictures, photo editing programs do not … Read More