Comparing Directv And Cable Television

´╗┐Comparing Directv And Cable Television

There is a ferocious battle raging on out there in the entertainment service. On one side is DirecTV, which is the biggest player in the industry in America and on the other side are cable TV providers.

The greatest beneficiary of this marketing war of attrition is the subscriber like you and I. Among the benefits that have ensued from this are improved television services and very attractive prices.

Existing users of either services are surely well acquainted with the above statements, but I am sure that what newbies or aspiring subscribers like you are itching to know is which one of these offers the better service hence should you sign up with?

There are many angles you can approach this tricky question. One way is by doing a direct comparison of the cost in relation to the number of programming offered.

For instance, while it will cost you $37.30 monthly for a 64-channel subscription from a cable TV firm, a 155-channel monthly package which includes 50XM satellite radio channels from DirecTV will set you back by just $29.99.

And while you will have to shell out an additional $10.95 if you want extra digital channels from a typical local cable company, you do not need to pay extra for such services when you sign up with DirecTV as all of its programming is transmitted in digital format.

Anyone joining a cable TV network will only get the cable box free. Those who desire a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will have to pay for the device. This is in addition to the mandatory installation costs of equipments which vary according to localities.

For instance, the cost in my locality is almost $40 for a room, with an extra $10 added on top for every additional room.

In stark contrast to the above, every new subscriber to DirecTV network gets free equipments-satellite dish, a four-room receiver, and a DVR. As a subscriber, you will also not be charged a single penny for the entire installation.

And what about the quality of services offered? Statistics shows that the average annual outage rate for cable TV is between 3%-5% compared to 1% for DirecTV.

What’s more, many cable TV subscribers who encounter problems with their systems can only call for help during official business hours. This is a marked departure from the excellent online and toll-free customer care services of DirecTV.

Are you still in doubt about which provider offers better services in terms of channels, cost-effective rates, interesting programming, and overall quality?

You be the judge.