Where to Get a Free iPod, Find Other Giveaways Online

´╗┐Where to Get a Free iPod Find Other Giveaways Online

Since Apple’s iPod came onto the scene in 2001, tens of millions of the popular music players have been sold.

If you wish to join the mass of iPod devotees, a new one will set you back about $200 or more.

But there is a way to get one for free. NetFree Direct, a company specializing in affiliate marketing, is giving away iPods to Web users who log on.

NetFree Direct integrates Internet marketing with other marketing strategies. The company is essentially hired by advertisers to drive Web traffic to their sites. Rather than paying for advertising to persuade people to log on to these Web sites, NetFree provides special online offers and incentives, such as the iPod promotion.

The offers are from well-known advertisers and can be found on the “complete offer” page once you are logged in. Typically, there are a variety of offers presented. Some require a small purchase, while others are free trials or applications that do not require a purchase and can be canceled without obligation.

In addition to the iPod, NetFree Direct allows consumers to obtain a popular gift cards, PlayStation 2 game consoles, digital cameras and other electronics free of charge by opting into the Web site.

NetFree is easy to use and, according to the company, is like no other site on the Internet in offering consumers numerous ways to get free stuff.